Rainmakrr doubles down as a private equity news UK blog

Rainmakrr is a UK-based blog which focusses on private equity news UK category. It provides news and analysis of both publicly and privately held companies, as well as covering other aspects of business such as venture capital and private banking.

What is private equity?

Private equity is a type of investing that focuses on the acquisition and management of private companies. This can include firms in different stages of their businesses, from startups to large corporations as well as private equity consultants and advisors who service the industry

Why is private equity important?

Private Equity provides access to capital for companies that may not be able to get funding from traditional sources such as banks or venture capitalists. It also helps protect shareholder value by helping founders and managers keep control over their companies while they grow them into successful enterprises.

How is private equity financed

Private equity is typically financed using a combination of debt and equity. Equity contributions come from private investors, such as institutional investors (such as pension funds or mutual funds) or individual wealthy individuals. Debt finance can be obtained from banks, lending institutions, and other financial intermediaries.

Rainmakrr was founded by James Vesey in 2013. Prior to this he worked in journalism for several years at magazines including “The Sunday Times” and “The Observer”. He has also written for business websites such as The Financial Times and Forbes India.

Private equity in the context of the UK economy

The private equity industry in the UK has seen a number of significant deals over the past few years. In 2015, firms such as Apax and Permira Capital acquired a range of companies, including professional services firm Oliver Wyman and construction group Balfour Beatty. This followed on from 2014 when Blackstone Group’s buyout of food company Booker Corporation was one of the biggest transactions in UK private equity history.