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Lead Game Developer

Lead Game Developer

Our client is a gaming development studio with the goal to produce an open-world AAA game and are based in Singapore and Malaysia with many of the team collaborating remotely from countries like New Zealand, Spain, Indonesia, and Brazil.

With large backing from they recently raised funding round, they aim to create an entirely unique experience with immersive gameplay and extensive lore that will wow all gamers.

The Challenges

You will be involved in different stages and aspects of the game’s creation in a young and enthusiastic team. You will be heavily involved in developing and writing excellent code.

What You Can Expect To Work On

  • ●  Collaborates effectively with designers and artist and deliver an interactive applications
  • ●  Provides technical leadership and assumes overall accountability for a successful implementation phase on all feature releases and builds
  • ●  Has a startup mentality and wants to help garner that type of environment
  • ●  Implement and improve a variety of fast and efficient core software using Unreal Engine
  • ●  Maintain and build code using C++ for all assigned work streams
  • ●  Help provide architectural oversight across the entire application
  • ●  Collaborate to devise optimal engineering solutions to technical challenges
  • ●  Creating original game mechanics.
  • ●  Drawing up, documenting and implementing detailed design documentation, including charts and diagrams that outline the various concepts and components involved.
  • ●  Testing the game and making amendments to enhance its capabilities.
  • What You Need to Succeed
  • ●  Experience: Proven work experience with a minimum of 5 years work experience, and completing a full video game life-cycle and current knowledge of the latest gaming trends and technologies.
  • ●  Coding: Proficiency in C++, C#, Unreal Engine, Unity and other programming languages such as Java or C as well as having an excellent knowledge of APIs and building libraries.
  • ●  Teamwork: Able to work as part of a team.
  • ●  Problem-Solving: Ability to solve complicated problems using best practices.
  • Benefits and Why You’ll Love Working With Us
  • ●  Dress. Wear comfortably at work as you are in your own living room
  • ●  Paid time off. They offer paid time off, as well as observing public holidays by country.
  • ●  Listen. Your voice, ideas, and suggestions matters to our client, as they are continuously evolving
  • ●  People. You’ll be working with a diverse, multicultural, international, talented, fun, supportive and innovative people and team.
  • ●  On The Edge of Innovation. Working on the latest technological, social and financial trends that is web3 and blockchain

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