About Us

Founded in 2015, Clearmatics is a London-based blockchain company. We build member-owned and governed decentralised network platforms for the p2p exchange of tokenised value between network members. Our ethos and architecture is grounded in protocol, p2p architecture, removing friction and market inefficiencies, strong security guarantees and interoperable exchange across platforms to build a p2p ecosystem for market infrastructure. Our focus is capital markets and we work with firms that have the ambition to reinvent the industry's business models.

Our technology is p2p network platforms and protocol first - protocol suite, software that implements those protocols and provides client software and infrastructure for p2p networks. It's based on Ethereum

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If you would like to add or remove any role please email us at hello@rainmakrr.com as we are trying our best to keep this job board as fresh as possible with the best crypto roles from the best blockchain startups or contact us directly if you are interested in a new career. and we call it Autonity - the protocol, the Geth-based client.